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Algae are resourceful

Our vision is …

to improve living and eating

to provide a safe, cost-efficient and easy way to produce alternative food additives and to help preserve our environment.

We are thrilled to present you the applications and possibilities you will have through integrating micro algae in your food production.


Our team

Bettina Hauptmann, COO

Frank Otto Gombert, CSO

Francis A. Kurz, VR

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We have a two fold objective for you, our customers, first we want to offer you a new taste to add to your product line, serving as a marketing instrument and creating additional sales. Depending on your level of diversification desire, you can either add a natural drink for your customers whom are attracted by plant based and vegan drinks helping the microbiome or you can add different products diversifying the existing line in a minor way. Whatever your choice, you will create a new customer experience that you can build on to reinforce your current sales and your marketing.